OnkyTroller is also available for BlackBerry Playbook at the BlackBerry App World which makes it the First BlackBerry PlayBook App to control your Onkyo(tm) or Integra(tm) Receiver over Wifi!!!

OnkyTroller is the first Android App to control your Onkyo(tm) or Integra(tm) Receiver over Wifi/Internet. Browse your MediaServer, USB-Drive or Internet Radio Stations with your Android Device as a Remote Control.

OnkyTroller is available in the Android Market

Download a free 15 day fully functional trial at the Android Market

OnkyTroller Free
OnkyTroller ProOnkyo Remote
Spotify Support
Support 2011 models
Support 2010 models
Support 2009 models and earlier
Browse media
One-click browsing
Album art
Start-up without splash screen
Tuner control with 27 preset
Change listening mode with assignable buttons
Change input source with assignable buttons
Zone 2 and zone 3 control
Change volume with volume buttons of android device
Change volume/bass/treble with touch screen
Automatic device discovery
Change background color
Change background image
Swiping screens
Now playing screen with Play/Pause/Stop/Previous/Next buttons and Shuffle/Repeat mode change
24 hour e-mail support

Please e-mail your feedback and tell me if there is a problem! I will fix it! Rate it if you like it! Thanks!
I will frequently add new functionality to this Onkyo App.

Compatible devices:
All devices supporting ISCP over Ethernet (eISCP), including but not limited to:

Onkyo TX-NR509 TX-NR609 TX-NR709 TX-NR809 TX-NR1009 TX-NR579 DTR-20.1 DTR-30.1 DTR-40.1 DTR-50.1 DTR-70.1 DTR-80.1 DTR-20.2 DTR-30.2 DTR-40.2 DTR-50.2 DTR-70.2 DTR-80.2TX-SR707 TX-NR807 TX-NR1007 TX-NR3007 TX-NR5007 TX-NR708 TX-NR808 TX-NR1008 TX-NR3008 TX-NR5008 DHC-40.1 DHC-80.1 DHC-40.2 DHC-80.2 PR-SC5507 PR-SC5508

Note: Not all device support all functions. TX-NR**7 series does not support all the browsing functions.

57 Responses to OnkyTroller

  1. Olaf Tonnemacher says:

    Hello, I installed the Pro version and am very satisfied. One wish I would have: I would be delighted if the man could run predefined radio streams on your app (like bein ONKOTRON)
    many greetings

  2. Rudy says:

    I loaded the Pro trial on my HTC Thunderbolt, but when I open it I get a “License check failed at step 21″ message. This problem occurs immediately after installation. I was hoping to use the app with a TR-NX807.


    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Rudy,
      License check failed at step 21 actually means that the license check is ok. Only the licenseserver tells you have 0 days left…
      I ‘ll send you an email to find out what’s going wrong!

  3. Raysee says:

    It works on the new DTR 40.3 as well. I had trouble figuring out how to change the volume. DUHH!

    Looks like a good app and will likely be paying for the pro version. Thanks for making this available. It looks like a better app than the one from Onkyo.


  4. Bradley says:

    Hi Laurent,

    After reading the Pro version description, I’m excited to see you’ve enabled support for the TX-NR807. Before purchasing the Pro version I have one concern: so far, I’m not sure if I can get the Server features to work with my iMac. In fact, when I select “Server” w/ the factory remote, I get the message: “No Server,” so I’m not sure what my options are. I’ve spoken w/ Onkyo Support and because I’m not yet running Windows Media 11, the “Server” function is not available; I’ll investigate if I can mount the Windows Media product.

    I have played a little with your “Free Version,” and gone through the effort of trying to get the app to connect w/ my AV deck by configuring your product’s Network Settings with the appropriate settings as shown on the AV deck itself (from Onkyo’s Auto settings), but your App is unable to connect. Can you offer any suggestions here?

    One last question: Does your app need line-of-sight?

    I really want to get this product, especially if I can control my AV deck from another room. It looks like a great product! Thank you for your hard work.


  5. Adam says:

    Does this support the tx-NR905? It seems to connect but doesn’t do anything. Thanks.

    • onkytroller says:

      It supports the tx-nr905, but the functionality is very limited. You should be able to change the source and the volume, listening modes. Browsing media servers is limited to previous and next song, play and stop. Please let me know if you need some help!

      • SJ says:

        I too have the TX-NR905. Your app looks really promising and I want it to work (limited though it maybe).

        When scanning for the device it comes up, but I get a response …

        Connection failed:/ – connection refused.

        Do I need to change the port settings, or something else?


  6. Craig Taylor says:

    Hi, Ive just ordered my onkyo TXNR609 and will be downloading your app to my samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet.

    Do you know if it is possible to stream music from my tablet to the reciever?

    many thanks

    • onkytroller says:

      There are programs like iMediaShare, uPnPlay, 2player to stream music to your receiver. Don’t forget to switch to Net-source before trying. I personally don’t stream from my phone, my mediaserver (synology disk station) does the job. Please let me know if you found a program that works fine, so I can recommend it to other users!

  7. Peter Rostron says:

    A tried the free version and now have the Pro version.
    Works very well with my 609……Even turns on Zone 2…….so I dont need the Onkyo remote at all.
    Very good app.
    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy mini and is not supported by the official Onkyo remote.

  8. Matthew J Lettieri says:

    I downloaded the pro version trial and it works great..
    On the same tablet MID703 android 3.0 OS I tried to pay for it on android market and it tells me a lie that the program is not compatible I do not want to loose this program in 15 days what can i do to purchase this elseware?

  9. Lance says:

    Fantastic app! I’ve got a DTR-30.3 and I’ve segmented my wireless and wired networks. The Integra App doesn’t allow you to configure an IP address for the receiver so I can’t tell the silly app to look for the amp on a different subnet. Nice job making Onkytroller actually configurable! I was quite bummed at first because the wireless control was a huge selling point for me. But Onkytroller saved the day!

    We picked up the Pro version, but the way. It works very well for Zone 1, but Zone 2 control has some issues with this amp. If I have Zone 2 playing network (internet or DNLA streaming) and Zone 1 on some other input, I can’t navigate through network menus when controlling Zone 2. I can skip tracks, change volume, etc. But I can’t change a station or which music folder I’m in. If you have thoughts, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help test.

    Thanks again! Great stuff!

    • onkytroller says:

      Glad you like it! The control of zone 2 and 3 is limited by the receiver. There are no commands available to browse stations etc in these zones if zone 1 has an other source selected. I’m sorry!

      • Lance says:

        Ah, well… thank you Integra :-) Kind of like they require the amp and phone to be on the same subnet :-) But hey it’s a lot better than the old alternative of walking up the stairs to the back of the house where the theater room is just to change any one thing in the first room.

        Again, nicely done! And thanks for the fast response. Take care!

  10. AplusP says:

    I downloaded the pro version trial and it works great and I will certainly buy it after the trial expires. I have one question and that is about Flac support. When will Onkytroller support Flac?

    Thanks, great app

    • onkytroller says:

      Thanks for trying OnkyTroller. The support of filetypes is not caused by OnkyTroller but by the receiver and the mediaserver. OnkyTroller is the remote to select you music. Your receiver and the mediaserver have to support the files. What receiver an mediaserver do you use?

      • AplusP says:

        I’m using TX-NR609, on my pc there is Windows media player and VLC media player; they all support flac. But I don’t know which of them OnkyTroller uses as I just click a flac file in the list in OnkyTroller’s display after I click mediaserver in the select source screen. I see in OnkyTroller’s display that it is loading but skips to the next song and so on.
        Thanks for your help.

  11. PHILIPPE says:

    Great app I have the pro version, and I am using an Onkyo tx nr3007. I was wondering if it will be possible to add music streaming from my phone to my reciever using your app. I discovered that the onkyo remote is able to stream music on the 2010 and 2011 versions.


  12. erunda says:

    Thanks for making your app available on Playbook. It appears to be a solid and well put together app. However i feel that the GUI and the quality of the graphic components will benefit from further development…just think that it needs to be as sexy looking as the devices it supports and runs on. I will be willing to give you a hand redeveloping your graphics components repository if you wish.

    • onkytroller says:

      Glad you like the app. I hope to get a BlackBerry PlayBook by myself soon. Until now I had to develop on a 4″ device, so the graphics don’t look that bad. I understand at a 7″ or more things can be more beautiful. Just need some time! What are you thinking about, just doing the graphic elements (PNG’s) or even java source?

      • erunda says:

        I can probably start with png first and at the same time insure that they look properly on the actual device. I also have another comment or perhaps a bug report – no response from the OnkyTroller when trying to select iTunes library from the DLNA source (Mezzmo dlna server running in win7 with TX-NR609). Selecting just ‘Music’ folders works fine. Any thoughts?

  13. Herb says:

    Was working great on my playbook………..until today. Now after tapping the OK tab on the opening screen it closes the app. I thought my trial was up, so I purchased the app, but still getting the same problem. Help please? Thanks.

  14. ClarkkParis says:

    Good morning,

    Do you envisage to create a Windows Phone aversion of this app ?

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi ClarkkParis, I currently have no plans, but I will investigate the possibilities! I will let you know if there is any news!

  15. Jens says:

    I’m from Germany, a perfect app! Works perfect on my PlayBook and TX-NR609!


  16. Henry le Noble says:

    I have the TX-NR807 and at first it works great on my HTC HD2 wich was tweaked to android 2.3.5
    But that phone gives problems and i buy a new HTC SensationXE and before i tryed any apps i upgrade it to android 4.0.3. And now i have problems, your apps starts but when i push a button, noting happend, but afters seconds at least 5 sec or more the command starts, sometimes faster but mostly it took to long.
    Is this a problem with android 4? or must it a problem between my onkyo and new phone?
    When i used my old phone it works fine.
    One point sometimes nothing works more and i have to restart my onkyo by pushing the real on/off button.

    so thanks for an reaction.

    gr Henry

    • onkytroller says:

      I am sorry to hear about the problems. I have not heard similar problems with I.C.S. (20% of the users have ICS). What I noticed myself is that the stability of the wifi differs a lot between differnt phones /firmwares.

  17. Olaf says:


    Is there a Tx-8050 support?

    Thank you and greetings!

  18. Brian says:

    Great application! I’m running the trial on my Playbook and everything seems to be working as it should. Is there a way, however, to access the functions available using the “home” button on my TXNR709. For example, I’d like to be able to increase the center channel volume, or subwoofer level.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Jimmyt says:

    Laurent – Any news on version 2.0? Hope all is well with you!

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Jimmy, first hour OnkyTroller user :) I will release the latest build soon, but I have to do some tests and my receiver is at service :( The latest build includes home-screen shortcuts for quick changing inputs, power on/off and volume.

  20. kingle1 says:

    Just bought a TX-NR515 and am trying out both your app and the Onkyo app. Neither one seems to be able to connect to my stereo. Running the app on a Samsung Galaxy S II running ICS on Sprint. Stereo is on my network at, phone at Network services are working correctly on the stereo — just can’t seem to get the phone to see it!

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • onkytroller says:

      Did you use DHCP or did you enter a manual IP-Address, with older models people report that manual ip works better? I have no reports yet about this model, but things should work. In the manual I see nothing about enabling ‘control’, so it looks like this should work out of the box. Make sure you have the latest firmware, unplug the power for a minute. Good Luck!

      • kingle1 says:

        DHCP on, firmware updated, rebooted the stereo to reestablish the IP. No change. Will try some other things. Think I need to change my router anyway — never had good luck with Netgear but keep going back (definition of insanity… right?)


  21. sridhar chigurupati says:


    I use the app from my phone. Is there a way to install it on the kindle fire, so people can use it when I am not home? It’s not on the amazon app market.

  22. BK says:

    I upgraded to the pro version recently and I cant find the option to prevent hickups. I have an NR579. Can you please advise.


    • onkytroller says:

      Do you still notice the hick-ups? I found one of the requests from onkytroller to the receiver caused the hick-ups. So this request has been removed. This made the function obsolete. If you still have hickups please let me know!

  23. Viggo says:

    Got all the latest upgrades, Onkytroller Pro ver. 2 and the latest OS for BB Playbook.
    Works like a charm, playing right now


  24. BK says:

    Had to hard reset my phone. Reinstalled the progrm and now its telling me the program is not registered. WHat should I do please?

  25. Al says:

    Looking for the settings menu on my tablets (Android 4.1.1 and 4.1.2), I can find it on the phone (4.0.4)

    One tablet it is working (because it had the correct ip address) but I cannot see the settings menu to correct or scan on the other… will there be an update to provide this or am I just looking in the wrong place? ;-)


    • onkytroller says:

      Thank you for reporting. I will add the 3 dots in next version. Until then, longpress the connect (lightning) button to access the preference menu. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the menu.

  26. Dave says:

    Hi. I’m using the pro app on an ASUS Transformer Prime running Android v 4.1.1 and controlling an Onkyo HT-RC180. I think the app is great. As much as I love my Harmony One remote it is a pain to control the internet radio functions… this app handles it with ease. The problem I am having is with the source presets. How do I change my presets to match my video sources? I’ve tried the longpress on the button but it only enables me to rename the label not change to my current source. Hopefully it is something simple I’m missing. Thanks.

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Dave! First switch to desired input with the +or- buttons, or wiyh anotherr remote control. Longpress the button you wish to use for this input. Select ‘Assign’ above the text field and press ok. If you wish to change the name of the button, longpress the button again and type the text you wish to see for this input. Press ok to register the name.

  27. onkytroller says:

    818 is supported! Sleep timer, I will add it to the list of requests.

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