Onkytroller Pro Update 5-June-2011 V1.4

Main Screen: Added track number

New menu: Added About and Volume. Replaced the icons

Volume screen: Change Volume, Bass and Treble. Note that bass and treble setting is not available for each listening mode and not supported for all zones (depends on device)

FM Tuner (Added in Version 1.3)

Theme selection: Added some plain colors for those who don’t like the themes.

Settings: Minimize data to avoid hicks in streaming internet radio with some TX-NR **9 devices. If enabled OnkyTroller only sends data at startup to request the state of the onkyo and if a button is pressed to execute the command.

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4 Responses to Onkytroller Pro Update 5-June-2011 V1.4

  1. Jimmyt says:

    Thanks for the update.. will take a look at it over the next few days.. looks good though..

  2. onkytroller says:

    Thanks for buying OnkyTroller and thank you very much for your feedback Sim! I will keep your notes in mind!

    I am working on a new interface where I can handle the different screens in a new way. I think there will be a iOs like button bar in the bottom(in portrait mode) or at the right(landscape) the jump to the different screens.
    I’ll add an option in the menu to keep the status bar, thanks for the tip!
    Swiping back is possible now, but it only works on the black ‘display’. I already fixed that, the sound and source screens were still in the old style in the current release. They are fully scaleable now and have different layout for landscape and portrait mode.
    About the themes, it’s a bug that the default theme (brushed aluminium) changes back to the mellow theme. It will be fixed.


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