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Since there is no option in the Market to reply to a comment, I use this page to answer the comments:

by Jan (June 15, 2011)Cannot select folder/songs or stations in Zone 2 network source when using different source for zone 1. Browsing songs is too complicated. cool app

This is not a problem of OnkyTroller. Onkyo only sends browsing data of the source selected in Zone 1

by nick (June 14, 2011)Does not allow changing of internet radio stations. That’s what I bought it for.

You can browse internet radio, but only in models TX-NR**8 or newer. It is clearly written in the description

by Victor (June 12, 2011)Nice job with this app! I have the nr 609 and I cant skip to the next song when in usb mode with ipod. It be nice to have the sweep top status bar.

Next update will have an option to toggle full screen/android status bar. Ipod-options will be added later, I have to buy an IPod and a TX-NR**9 first..

by Jay (June 11, 2011)Displays a blank song title on certain special characters with my TX-NR5008 when browsing media(parenthesis or single quote). Seems good otherwise.

Blank lines is a bug and will be fixed. At this time all song titles of about 24 characters are display blank.

by Sam (June 10, 2011)Its a little slow sometimes but works well with my NR 609.the new update looks good

Thanks, must speed issues are related to the communication speed of the Onkyo.

by Fiznu (June 8, 2011)Much better functionality after the update. Works fine with the TXNR609, but the “back” button doesnt work, so navigation is difficult. Keep it up!

Anybody else who can confirm this problem? I develop on a TX-NR1008, so I can’t check myself

by denis (June 6, 2011)Works great.can sit on my porch and control zone2. I love this app. Can’t wait for more updates. Thanks. Best couple bucks ever spent.

by Kjell-Gunnar (June 5, 2011)Funker veldig bra med min tx-nr807

by Ashley (May 16, 2011)Amazing. A little slow sometimes in recognising that you’ve hit a button but that’s a small thing. Awesome app

Tnx, I hope you like the update

by Jim (May 11, 2011)awesome app! Great app.. works like its supposed to and Laurent is on the ball with fixes!

by Homer (April 30, 2011)Awesome app for my tx-nr808! Make sure you reserve an ip for the receiver’s mac address. Pandora doesn’t show up in the list, but is blank instead.

by Joshua (April 24, 2011)Thank you so much for developing this app I’ve been waiting over a year for this! Please please keep the updates rolling! This could be big!

by John (April 22, 2011)Hier had ik op gewacht, geweldig :) Zou graag nog Internetradio preset selectie zien.

by mikeinidaho (April 16, 2011)Works great! Hope it gets more refined with time Using on TXNR808. Works as good as the receiver’s own buttons and commands. Can see pandora station list, album cover etc. This app could use some styling, however. not the prettiest & looks unprofessional. Wish you could just choose plain black background or your own graphic (choices r things like roses, skittle looking things, etc). Finally, the volume +/- needs to be sped up. Takes a long time to go from 0-70. After setup turn off receiver & restart app. Should work perfect. Thank you LauJed!

I hope you like the updates, think I fixed all these little bugies…

by david (April 3, 2011)You should be proud. I bought the receiver after reviewing your app! This thing is magic

Please tell Onkyo to send me my commission ;)

by Rich (April 2, 2011)The best couple of best couple of bucks I have ever spent. A couple of quirks that I hope help improve this awesome product. Will send email.

by Seth (March 28, 2011)Works great on txnr708. Highly recommended.

by xpentil (March 28, 2011)Top Dollar virker perfekt, 4 stjerner, der skal også være plads til opdateringer


12 Responses to Comments to Comments

  1. jim says:

    Back works for me on the 609 (at least every time I have tried) – how doesnt it work for you? maybe I can test too.

    “by Fiznu (June 8, 2011)Much better functionality after the update. Works fine with the TXNR609, but the “back” button doesnt work, so navigation is difficult. Keep it up!

    Anybody else who can confirm this problem? I develop on a TX-NR1008, so I can’t check myself”

  2. Al says:

    Laurent, I updated my Xoom from v.3.0.1 to v3.2 and the Android Market both online with my PC and with the Xoom itself will not allow me to download Onkytroller Pro to my device. (purchased when I had v3.0.1)

    Is your app no longer compatible because of the new version of Honeycomb?

  3. remish says:

    Hemm ….
    What about Windows Phone version ? is it scheduled ? (a little hope ?)

  4. erbas says:

    I am glad to have found this app as the samsung app is not working with the 3007 model. Unfortunately it is difficult to find this app as it does not show up in the android store when searching for onkyo.

  5. Nick says:

    I would like to know if the app has limitations when using it with the DTR-70.1?
    If yes it would be great if you can tell me what they are?


    • onkytroller says:

      Hi nick, since the DTR-70.1 is a 2009 model, it is not possible to browse your media server from the network, I’m sorry! If you have to buy a new receiver buy at least a 2010 model or newer. The newer the more functions are available. (This is Onkyo/Integra Marketing)

  6. jb65pl says:


    Finally I bought an android (2.1) device: an e-book reader Nook Simple Touch (rooted).
    I purchased Onkytroller Pro the very same evening. My problems:

    1. Some of buttons work properly (for example volume and bass/treble adjustment, switching sources, skipping tracks and so on), but pressing SHOW LIST I cannot see any list of files while playing music server or front USB (my device is Onkyo PR-SC 5507). It would be useful to change albums, not only tracks.

    2. After turning a device off with Onkytroller I cannot switch it back on with my nook, have to to it with the Onkyo remote controller (minor issue).

    Tx for any advice


  7. Sam says:

    Dear Laurent,
    I need to know if your app is able to control the Onkyo receiver over the internet or only through LAN network?
    Thank you in advance.

    • onkytroller says:

      OnkyTroller definitely can control the Onkyo over the internet! The most secure way is to setup a VPN server in your network. In this way you first login with a password. You also can use port forwarding, but if you do this the whole world can control your receiver! :-) If you need help, send me an e-mail!

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