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  1. Julien says:

    Could OnkyTroller sort files as they are in a playlist ?
    For the moment, when I load a playlist .m3u with singles sorted as in the real life, they are sorted in my Onkyo alphabetically …
    Thanks for your answer

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Julien. OnkyTroller just shows the data that comes from the receiver. It does not control the playlist itself. The order of the files depends on the media server you use. What media server are you using?

      • Julien says:

        I was using Upnp server installed by default on NAS D-Link 320 … my mistake … it’s not a real one ;)
        Now i’m using Twonky, installed on my Win7 : it rocks !

        Another thing : with my Onkytroller Pro version, when I’m browsing my Music Server, the buttons “Show List” and “Now Playing” are not functionnal. I found a way to “Show List” by clicking on back arrow button on the other navigation screen, but I didn’t find a alternative method to “Now Playing”.
        Is this a bug you already know ?

  2. Matt B says:

    Is it possible to add the “Home” button functionality and/or the ability to access and navigate the setup menu?

    • onkytroller says:

      I will have a look at that later. If it is possible and if it will help the users out of trouble I will definitely add this function.

  3. Nick Denolf says:

    instead of using the Onkyo to browse for the media, could you not integrate a “play to” / streaming feature in Onkyotroller.
    I currently have the TX-NR1007 and media browsing does not work, but I can stream audio perfectly from my Pad or Phone to the Onkyo.
    Now I use 2player, Twonky or aMedia Control to create a playlist & stream the Audio and OnkyoTroller Pro to control the receiver.
    But, would be very nice to have it in one app ;-)

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Nick, that’s not an easy one… I concentrate on adding direct functionality to the app. Maybe in the future!

  4. Steffen says:


    Thanks for your work so far – works ok for my 1007 :) I would like to see the navigation buttons simulate more what is in the IR remote

    similar to this:

    You have a play button in the middle, but i miss the ok button. If it would be possible to reflect the OSD of the Receiver better inside the app it would be great to.

    Also i miss a function to keep the screen switched on, maybe i just not found that one.

    Having UPnP-AV controller integrated would be a nice addition, yes.

  5. Thomas Larsen says:

    Is it possible to create the android app to work with BD-sp309?


    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Thomas, Network control of the BD-Player should be possible, but it will be difficult to test for me, cause I do not know anybody who owns a Onkyo BD player! If I find a good deal somewhere I can buy one, but do not expect anything within a few months.

      • Thomas Larsen says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        I understand. You do not do it for my sake, but it might be nice if it could be possible one day.


  6. Cliff says:

    Could you possibly add an enter button to the interface. Thanks. Everything else has been working great with my dtr 70.1. I showed this app to my local integra dealer and he loved it.

  7. Johannes Nessa says:

    First of all thank you for a great app. I have bought the pro versjon and I love it. Only problem is while streming music from mediatomb upnp server it occasionally stops the music for a secound. I have the same problem with spotify. By the way I have the Onkyo tx-609. When I disconnect the app, the music plays perfectly. I hope you can fix this, it`s a bit inovinient to have to disconnect all the time…

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Johannes! Thank you for buying OnkyTroller! Do you have the ‘minimize data’ enabled in the network settings? I know about the hickups, it is very weird because there is hardly any communication between OnkyTroller and the Onkyo. Did you install the latest firmware update in your receiver?

      • Johannes Nessa says:

        Thank you for the reply. That did the trick. To enable ‘minimize data’. I did not check out the settings well enough, but now I see that you already have a solution integrated in the app for the hickup problems with my tx 609. Keep up the good work!

  8. Paul says:

    I need help, with step by step instruction on setting up your app. I have a TX-NR609 and trying to set up on android phone?

  9. Mark says:

    I have a TX-NR808 and an HTC EVO 3D, is there a way that the OnkyTroller can power on the receiver, I only seem to be able to switch it off. Or is this a limitation of the receiver?

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Mark, OnkyTroller should be able to power on the receiver. Make sure you have the latest firmware and turn on Control in the network settings of your receiver. Sometimes you need to unplug the receiver from the wall if it does not act as expected!

  10. Bill says:

    Hello. I know it isn’t in your list of supported models but is there any chance your app supports the TX-SR605? The down volume button on my remote just quit working.

    • onkytroller says:

      I am sorry, OnkyTroller connects to the receiver using ethernet. The TX-SR605 does not have an ethernet connection.

  11. Andrew says:

    Hi there,

    Would this App control the Bass/Treble/Subwoofer output on my CR-525UKD.

    Cheers and well done on the App.

  12. x10 mini says:

    Installed the pro trial version on an SE Experia X10 mini with android 2.1. Although the app works, it looks different to shown in the video. Instead of being black as shown in the vid, the backgound pattern is also shown on the onkytroller “display”. Any way of resolving this, when wanting to use the colorred backgrounds? Althugh not yet available for the x10 mini, but would update to gingerbread resolve this issue?

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi, I have sees this in a 2.1 emulator as well. I have never seen it on an actual device. I am pretty sure upgrading to gingerbread will resolve the issue!

  13. Domi says:

    Hi Laurent,

    I love your app, so much more functional than the Onkyo one!!

    One request… can you integrate the “play from android device” like in the original Onkyo Android app??


    • onkytroller says:

      Thank you for the request, I personally don’t use this feature cause it drains battery. I suggest using a media server for your music. I will have a look at the streaming function, but I cannot promise any updates in near future!

  14. Kevin Harris says:

    App looks good, but I do have a request. Would it be possible to change tracks on my ipod (classic) which is connected to my TX-8050 (through a UP-A1 dock)? I saw in a post back on 3/9/11 that you were considering adding this functionality: “Browsing ipod connected to universal port” but it appears that this is not possible.

    I can control it fine using the receiver’s remote, so I would think this would be possible.

    At any rate, if you could make this happen I would purchase this app today.

    Thank you,

  15. Philippe says:

    I downloaded the trial pro version. I have an HTC EVO, when i press the tuner button to preset radio stations, the app crashes and states “process laumed. Onkyotrollertrail has stopped unexpextedly.” any fix to this problem. Thanks, great work, my reciever is an nr-3700 not supported by onkyo’s remote control.

    • onkytroller says:

      I will check the tuner soon, I see in the reports the app sometimes stops when using the tuner. I let you know if I found something!

  16. Joe Williams says:

    I have a galaxy nexus with ICS. I installed the Pro trial version. I’m able to connect fine (which I can’t do with the Onkyo/Integra apps). If I’ve chosen “Net” as the source, the only way I can get to the main menu is to turn the receiver off then back on. Otherwise I’m just shown what’s in the favorites. When I click the big round button in the middle of the control, nothing happens.

    Also, if I choose “Tuner” and then click the big round button in the middle of the control I get “Unfortunately, OnkyTroller Pro Trial has stopped”.

    Please help.

    • onkytroller says:


      What if you use the back-button in the lower-right corner of the main screen, or the UP-Arrow in the second screen (browsing)? You should return the the index where you can select your net-source (e.g. dlna, spotify vTuner). About the Tuner: I am not sure yet why the app stops. It works very well on my machine, but I get more reports about this error!


  17. Martin says:


    I would like to ask, whether there will be also an applet for pc. Sometimes I would like not to get up a go for my galaxy, it would be fine if I could change music or volume just from my Ubuntu notebook.


  18. Jay says:

    Hi Laurent,

    Fantastic app; I purchased the PRO version last year and it works great with my Samsung Tablet 10.1 and Onkyo TX-NR807. I also wanted to request if you can integrate the Android app so it also can work on my PC/server. I would be great to be able to have volume/source control on the receiver via both the tablet and PC – thanks again for a a great app!

  19. Russ says:

    recently downloaded the playbook version and it works fine with the nr609 for most functions for servers and internet radio (slacker), however cannot control an ipod in the UP-a1 dock connected via the universal port… this a function to be added at a later date?

  20. JJA says:

    Well, it seems that I mistakenly wrote my requests to the FAQ-list.

    But in any case, I have purchased the pro-version and find it very fast, especially with the Spotify. In addition to that, it seems that the OnkyTroller is faster and provides more information than the official Onkyo Remote provided by Onkyo.

    The most important reason why I would like use OnkyTroller is that it obviously could be a better “Spotify-browser” than the official remote app. Therefore I would like you to improve the usability and intuitiveness of you app in order to make it much better than the official app.

    The strange thing is that the official app seems to wait a long time for something with more complicated searches, but OnkyoTroller provides the answer faster. Improve on that, please.

    Unfortunately your app is not as intuitive as I would like. It is actually very unintuitive for me, but because many people like it I may be a minority.

    Br. JJA

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi, OnkyTroller depends on the data from the receiver. It cannot speed up the search process, because this is done by the receiver. I hope the speed will be improved by better firmware of the receiver.

  21. Joel Davidson says:

    Hi. I purchased Onkytroller a couple of months ago and have been very happy with it. For the most part it works great with my TX-NR906, but I find that I can’t select some of the source inputs, such as CD, AUX2 and TAPE from the menu. Can these be added?
    Thanks – great app.

    • onkytroller says:

      If you select the input with your receivers remote control, you can assign a button in OnkyTroller by long-pressing the source button. You can assign it to the current input and give your own name!

  22. Roy Trevor says:

    I am interested in installing suitable software for controlling my Onkyo TX-nr 807 and would like to know what is required and the steps to successful application.


    • onkytroller says:

      Hi, you need a wired ethernet connection to you tx-nr-807, and a wireless to your android device or blackberry playbook. Unfortunately the control of the tx-nr*7 series is very limited compared to newer models.

  23. Adam says:

    I am very interested. Was wondering if there is a trial of the Playbook version? Would like to try before I buy. Thanks.

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Adam, unfortunately Research in Motion removed the possibility to add a trial mode to an app. I was one of the 128 developers who used this feature. I will try to create a free version that acts as a trial, so with limited time to function. Do not expect this version very soon. If you want to try the full version now, please buy it. If you don’t like it I will refund you via paypal (minus the commission RIM takes)
      Regards, Laurent

  24. Diogo says:

    Can you desinvolve a tasker plugin for onkyo remote?
    So it can automaticaly start a internet radio when I come home with my phone.


    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Diogo,

      Since OnkyTroller already has shortcuts, this is possible with some 3rd party apps. One happy user uses The Tasker task with the AutoShortcut plugin to launch the OnkyoTroller shortcut he wants. He also uses NFC tags to start the shortcuts!

  25. Alex says:

    I have the TX-8050 and use onkytroller pro on my Sony Xperia P to control the receiver. I have the problem that the “Spotify Search” don`t works correct.
    When I write something in the “Spotify Search Field”, i cannot see the letters I wrote.
    Is there a solution for this problem?

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Alex, I think because of the theme of your phone the background of the text and the text are the same color. I will fix this in next release!


  26. Alex says:

    Hello Laurent,

    now I have the problem, that I can`t connect my tablett Asus Nexus 7 with my Onkyo TX-8050 because there ist no possibility to reach the function “scan for devices”.
    Can you help me to solve this problem?


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