OnkyTroller is the first Android App to control your Onkyo(tm) or Integra(tm) Receiver over Wifi/Internet. Browse your MediaServer, USB-Drive or Internet Radio Stations with your Android Device as a Remote Control.

OnkyTroller Pro is available in the Android Market

15 Day trial is available in the Android Market

OnkyTroller Free is available in the Android Market

OnkyTroller Free
OnkyTroller ProOnkyo Remote
Spotify Support
Support 2011 models
Support 2010 models
Support 2009 models and earlier
Browse media
One-click browsing
Album art
Start-up without splash screen
Tuner control with 27 preset
Change listening mode with assignable buttons
Change input source with assignable buttons
Zone 2 and zone 3 control
Change volume with volume buttons of android device
Change volume/bass/treble with touch screen
Automatic device discovery
Change background color
Change background image
Swiping screens
Now playing screen with Play/Pause/Stop/Previous/Next buttons and Shuffle/Repeat mode change
24 hour e-mail support

Please e-mail your feedback and tell me if there is a problem! I will fix it! Rate it if you like it! Thanks!
I will frequently add new functionality to this Onkyo App.

Compatible devices:
All devices supporting ISCP over Ethernet (eISCP), including but not limited to:

Onkyo TX-NR509 TX-NR609 TX-NR709 TX-NR809 TX-NR1009 TX-NR579 DTR-20.1 DTR-30.1 DTR-40.1 DTR-50.1 DTR-70.1 DTR-80.1 DTR-20.2 DTR-30.2 DTR-40.2 DTR-50.2 DTR-70.2 DTR-80.2TX-SR707 TX-NR807 TX-NR1007 TX-NR3007 TX-NR5007 TX-NR708 TX-NR808 TX-NR1008 TX-NR3008 TX-NR5008 DHC-40.1 DHC-80.1 DHC-40.2 DHC-80.2 PR-SC5507 PR-SC5508

Note: Not all device support all functions. TX-NR**7 series does not support all the browsing functions.

15 Responses to OnkyTroller

  1. Jay says:

    I have been a extremely satisfied user of Onkytroller Pro on both my Samsung Tab 10.1 and Samsung Charge for two months to control a TX-NR807 Receiver but it stopped responding last night. I checked the Network preferences again and both the IP address and Port # is correct. I also tried to unplug the receiver. Any thoughts on how to remedy? Thank you in advance

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi Jay, I am glad you like OnkyTroller. I am sorry it does not work now… Usually all problems are solved by unplugging the Onkyo from the wall. Did you make any changes to your network? Can you change your network parameters and change it back again?

    • Ross Goldberg says:

      Jay, did you find out how to remedy it? This happened to my Integra DTR 70.2 (by Onkyo) last night. After I got it to recognize the network, I was able to flash the firmware which fixed the Volume knob until unplugging/replugging (at which point that froze up again), and subsequently repeating though there was no further firmware update fixed it again (not unplugging it this time), but the remote is still fully unresponsive. Only the front controls on the receiver will operate at this time (including the volume knob at present).

  2. HERBERT says:

    Hi Laurent,

    I have been using the Onkyo Troller Pro for quite a while on my ONKYO HT-RC180
    It was working great so far. I did enable the automatic update feature for the app and updated to the newest version 1.9(12) since then it can not connect anymore to my receiver. The free version 1.4free(5) still does, but it has not the 3 zone functionality I love. If the newer versions will not work for the older receivers anymore than please have the working version before available on the market separetely. The official ONKYO software does also not take care of their early costumers as such their software does not work for older models and yours worked like a charm.

    Thanks for your efforts

    • onkytroller says:

      Dear Herbert,

      I am sorry to hear about the problems! There are many Pro-user with tx-nr**7 models. I have to find out whats going wrong, the communication part has not changed, maybe the app failes when trying to receive the identification data from the receiver. I will contact you by e-mail so we can check some things so we can solve the problem a.s.a.p!


  3. John says:

    Just bought a TX-8050 and I have the Ipad app (Oremote) and this works well. I have a Droid Inc Android phone and tried Onkyo’s app which does not connect. I tried the trial of your Pro version and it does not connect either. Thought there might be a problem with my Droid phone so I downloaded a telnet app after reading this on your site. Telnet from the Droid connect just fine. I then saw you have free version of your app and tried that. This connects and works (the only thing on my Droid that does) !
    Kind of confused why the free version works and the Pro trial doesn’t.
    Any idea why?

    • onkytroller says:

      Hi John! It’s weird that the Pro/Trial version does not connect! Did you doublecheck the settings? Did you enter the ip-address manually or by scanning for devices? What message do you see when you try to connect?

  4. Trevor Wright says:

    I have a tablet PC (Arnova 10 G2) running the android 2.2 system – will this app run on my machine and how can I download? Cannot seem to download from Android market place because my device is not a mobile phone.
    Many thanks

    • onkytroller says:

      Does your device has ‘Android Market’ installed? Currently OnkyTroller Pro is only available for devices with the Market, because the license is checked with the google license server. I am working on another license check with my own license server, this makes it possible to buy a license with PayPal. I’ll contact you when it’s ready!

  5. Leif Olson says:

    Do you know if this app should work with the Onkyo HT-RC270? I have tried, but it does not detect my receiver. My receiver does connect and play online radio stations just fine.

    • onkytroller says:

      The app should be compatible woth the HT-RC270, when you look in the manual you see ‘control’ in the network settings. Have you enabled it?

  6. Kevin says:

    What is the “faster browsing” mentioned in the latest update?

    • onkytroller says:

      Faster browsing is a new function, in previous version when you select the 6th item in the list, OnkyTroller ‘scrolled down’ and selected the desired item. In the new version the item is selected immediately without the need to scroll. I’ll work on a new video to demonstrate the difference.

  7. onkytroller says:

    Hi Brent,

    The control of zone 2 and 3 are limited by the receiver. If you set zone 1 to ‘network’ you can have full control of the media browsing in the other zones. If zone 1 is set to another source (hdmi etc) the control of zone 2 and 3 is limited to play/pause prev/next song.

    So if nobody uses zone 1, just select the same source put it on standby.

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