OnkyTroller for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ now available!

OnkyTroller for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ has just been approved by Research In Motion!

OnkyTroller is NOW available in the BlackBerry App World!

A 30 day trial version is available.

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OnkyTroller for BlackBerry® PlayBook™

OnkyTroller for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ has just been submitted, waiting to be reviewed by RIM! Follow OnkyTroller on Twitter for the latest news!

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Spotify(tm) Update for Pro!

The pro-version is updated and searching mediaservers and Spotify is now available for all pro-users!

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OnkyTroller Trial Version with latest updates!

Now available for testing:

Version 1.8 with:
- Spotify support
- Searching media servers
- Searching web radio

Please not that these functions work with 2011 models only. Make sure to update te receiver to the latest firmware!

Download a free 15 day fully functional trial at the Android Market

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Spotify here we come!

First tests with Spotify on OnkyTroller look very promising! Expect an update within 2 weeks!
Support includes:
– Browsing Spotify playlists
– Search for your favority song or artist

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New Screenshots

Still work in progress:

Screenshot 1

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New Video Added

Check http://www.onkytroller.com/?page_id=35 to see the new video.

This video shows the progress of a new Browsing screen. The new browsing screen makes it much easier to browse the media server or internet radio. Select the line and OnkyTroller automatically jumps to the selected song or folder. Left and right buttons to jump to the next or previous page. Up button moves to the parent folder.

The Now Playing screen has buttons to play/pause en skip songs. It is also possible to see and change the repeat and shuffle modes.

I still have to add some features and check the update on multiple devices. Expect a new release within a couple of weeks!

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Released Update v1.6

Version 1.6

  • Swiping Left and right to Main, Volume, Sound and Source screen
  • New Source and Sound layout for landscape, all screens optimized for all resolutions
  • Added sound mode toggle buttons (THX, MUSIC, MOVIE/TV, GAME)
  • Full screen option in settings menu
  • Swipe up and down top of screen to toggle full screen
  • Fixed blank lines in media list
  • Tap black screen to toggle List/Now Playing
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OnkyTroller world wide

As you see most sales are in Europe and the Americas. I am looking for someone to translate the Market Descriptions in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish. Please let me know if you are interested! (click on image for full size)

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Onkytroller Pro Update 5-June-2011 V1.4

Main Screen: Added track number

New menu: Added About and Volume. Replaced the icons

Volume screen: Change Volume, Bass and Treble. Note that bass and treble setting is not available for each listening mode and not supported for all zones (depends on device)

FM Tuner (Added in Version 1.3)

Theme selection: Added some plain colors for those who don’t like the themes.

Settings: Minimize data to avoid hicks in streaming internet radio with some TX-NR **9 devices. If enabled OnkyTroller only sends data at startup to request the state of the onkyo and if a button is pressed to execute the command.

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